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I constantly get asked “How did you do it? How did you lose over 180 pounds”. I’ll answer in four parts.

1. Food – Type
When trying to lose weight you either need to reduce the amount of calories you take in, workout more and/or have more muscle so you can burn more calories. Most of us, when starting out, don’t have the muscle mass to burn calories so we need to work out/cut calories. Most of the junk we eat is very high in calories without much nutritional value. We get slammed on the calories but are hungry again very quickly. If the right foods are eaten…vegetables, fish, chicken you could eat like a queen/king and still hit your calorie goals. Cut out the junk and no more soda. You can still eat healthy and make smart choices when eating out.

I personally cut out bread, white potatoes and rice. Those were my big three. I get my carbs from vegetables and barley. What are your big three?

2. Food- Amount
Shortly after coming to Hyperion I learned from Eric that a person can eat to lose weight. At first, putting this in motion was difficult as I had to retrain my mind/body to live with what I fed it. If you are sick and/or don’t work out as much as you normally do you CANNOT continue to eat the same way. You need to cut calories to offset this. I’ve learned one or two days may be okay but if you go on vacation and are not working out you cannot eat the same and expect to lose weight/stay the same weight.

Your calorie intake is like a ledger. You have calories in/calories out. If you consume more calories than your body burns calories, your body will store the excess calories as FAT. Even if those calories are good calories (vegetables, etc).

Food was/is the toughest part for me.

3. Food – Journaling
I journal all of my food intake and have for about a year now. If you don’t journal you have no idea how many calories you are taking in. This could lead to overeating and cancel out any physical activity you may be doing. If you journal what you eat AND give it the appropriate calorie value you will have a better picture of where you are with your calorie intake and will start to make better choices throughout the day to maximize the calories you have available to you. Find an app/website you like and use it. Every day.

I still continue to journal my food.

4. Working out
I put working out last because it’s where it belongs (for me). I’ve already talked about why the food part is the most important. When working out I maximize the time during that workout. Most people get maybe 1 hour/day to workout. If you don’t give 100% for that hour you could be wasting your time. As you workout more you’ll want to workout more and you may need to shift time from something else to working out. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The difference is how we decide to spend that time. Fitness is not a competition against anyone else but yourself. We can celebrate everyone’s fitness accomplishments at the same time.

I used to watch a lot of TV and play XBOX. In moderation those aren’t bad. During my journey, we seemed to always have some 100+ hours of DVRd stuff and I haven’t played XBOX in over 2 years. We are catching up on our TV watching and I will start playing XBOX again but for the past 2 years I needed to focus on my working out.

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