Success Stories – Denise Kalp

By admin | In Success Stories | on December 14, 2015


I joined Hyperion Fitness three years ago to lose weight and get healthy. When I first started, I was very nervous this would be too hard and I might give up because that would be easier than trying something new and sticking with it. The continuing support I received motivated me to start believing in myself and that’s when I noticed the weight coming off. This has not only been a physical journey for me but mental one, as well.
Since joining Hyperion, I have lost over 30 pounds and have maintained my goal weight. I used to eat not thinking how important it is to fuel your body with proper foods. Eric provided me with the knowledge to be successful. I know food prep once a week – this is so important to keep me on track and give my body the energy I need to get me through my workouts.

Eric holds his clients accountable because he cares about progress. I am thankful that once shy, overweight girl walked into Hyperion Fitness to change her life!

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