Success Stories – Diane Dawe

By admin | In Success Stories | on December 4, 2015


Three years and 65 lbs ago, a friend told asked a few of us if we wanted to start bootcamp with her.  It was close and convenient, had classes early in the morning when we could all go and the peer pressure was mounting…..So the four of us signed up.  I was slow, and unable to do most of the things that seemed to come easily to others;  Sit ups were painfully uncomfortable, when asked to touch my feet to stretch we all just looked at each other and laughed as we reached for our knees;  and I hurt…. Muscles started to hurt that I didn’t even know I had.  It hurt to lift my arms, it hurt to sit, it hurt to stand, it hurt to walk.  But we encouraged each other to work thru the pain. So we did.  We attended consistently. Three days a week, rain or shine.  We joined the challenges and started seeing the weight come off, but most importantly I started seeing my body change. I started noticing how much stronger I was quickly getting, how much more fit I was feeling and how, slowly but surely, I was conquering all the moves that at the beginning seemed so overwhelming… Planking, Bicycles, push ups, spiders, and the list went on.  I wasn’t allowed to hide and remain in my comfort zone.  That was simply unacceptable at Hyperion.  So I didn’t.  Because the only other choice was to quit; and after a year… to me that was no longer an option. I was determined to reach my goals and make a lifestyle change.  I began to consciously educate myself about nutrition and what worked for my body. I decided to start feeding my family healthier, cleaner meals.  I’ve spent hours researching and am still in the process of learning, but having a supportive group of like minded people around me has been one of the greatest motivators to keeping me on the right path.

I’ve kept my weight off for over a year now.  If I had to put in order of importance what has worked for me, it would be the following:  1) Find good trainers.  Not only do they need to know their craft, but their style needs to work for you.  Hyperion gave me this. 2) Surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people – put yourself out there, be vulnerable, and don’t be afraid to tell everyone about your journey, as well as become a motivator, a leader, and always attempt to inspire others –  this holds you accountable.   3)BE CONSISTENT – I work out everyday, no excuses. Its an appointment I will keep, as important as any doctor appt or work meeting and I will schedule it and keep it.  Hyperion Fitness works.  All you have to do is WANT IT, SHOW UP, and PUT IN THE WORK.

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