Success Stories: LeeAndra Chergey

By admin | In Success Stories | on March 14, 2013
lee before


Age: 43

Height: 5’3″
Occupation: Mom, Home Stager, bookkeeper, and aspiring writer

Words of Advice: I have lots of advice…but if we are talking about working out: like Nike says: just do
it. It’s all too easy to make excuses to not go. What I have learned about myself is when I allow those
excuses to take over and I don’t go, I pay for it all day. I get grouchy and mad at myself for not going, so
I know now, just suck it up and go. Why do it—you may ask? My main motivation to work out is to fight
of disease–every kind: heart, diabetes, and cancer. All those diseases are in my family (and losing my
mother at the same age I am now to cancer) gives me so many more reasons to work out–two of the
most important reasons are my kids. I think of it this way…if I have anything to do with it, I’m going to
fight – or go out knowing I did. If working out keeps me healthy and will let me be on
this earth longer…I’m in.

So, how did I get started at Hyperion…well, I had always been a ‘gym rat’, and wasn’t too interested
in going outdoors–I even stuck to running in the warmer months. Cammy Hardy tried to get me to go
for months. She finally wore me down (plus who could argue with her success?) and I went on a “trial
basis”. Although I was active, and worked out most days of the week, I wasn’t as fit as I should have
been. So I decided it might be time to try something new. Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t like it…then
quietly go back to my warm gym and stay sort of fit, and be resigned that I was just going to be pudgy.
But after the first day, I knew. This was different. Aside from the mix up of workouts and being pushed

as if I was in the army, I soon realized the people are what make Hyperion great. At the risk of sounding
cheesy…it really is a family.

What can I say to being a “Hyperion success” well first of all everyone who goes is a success…getting
there is half the battle. But I can say I am in better shape now than I have been in 20 years; I can out-
run my husband (an ex-professional athlete) I am in perfect health, and I finally ridded myself of last 15
pounds of baby fat (yes, my last baby was born almost 10 years ago) but it stuck around until I joined
Hyperion. And for those who don’t know, it is more than just working out. The concentration on overall
health has changed my life. I have learned to eat better and manage my diet like never before. And
having a “community” to reach out to has made an amazing difference. As much as I hate the pressure
of the weight challenges, I now realized that I need them…the older I get the harder it gets to keep the
pounds off, even with working out almost every day.

Hyperion has made me feel younger, stronger and put people in my life I may have never met, people
who have become so crucial to my everyday life. I guess the only way to end this…is to say “thanks”.
Thanks, Eric and everyone at Hyperion for making my life better–and prolonged.

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